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Simply The Best

I do quite a bit of thinking, mainly because I live alone and don’t have anyone to talk to on a daily basis. The place I do my BEST thinking is in the car while driving to a destination at least an hour away. I think about my blogs, my family stories and where I want to go with them, I think (or daydream) about what I would like my life to be – and where I’d like to live – in five years. I think a lot about who I’d like to be living with at that time. (Lots of candidates – non available right now).

I also think about TV shows I watch (Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol – what does that say about me???)I think about interesting buildings I see and what I would do with them if they were mine: how I would landscape the yard, what color for the building and what color for the trim, would I add a deck?, a pool?

I think about my dream house on a medium-sized lake in New Hampshire. It would be an old farmhouse, with at least four guest rooms upstairs, a master bedroom suite on the first floor, an office, a large eat-in kitchen but also a dining room. It would not be too far from the water, definitely a view with mountains in the background and a large sandy beach. A dock large enough for two boats and one side for the grand kids to jump in.

I could probably go on and on about all the things that I think about but I’ve given you the idea. I enjoy thinking… a lot !!!

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