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I have been posting on this blog  (  ) for 15 months. I have learned quite a bit but I know that there is so much more to learn about blogging, especially about the appearance of my blog. Please critique my posts and let me know what is good and especially, what is bad (or uninteresting). I think the story needs to be told, but are the various story lines confusing? Can you keep track of the characters or do you meed more visuals to keep them straight? Do you like my comments (in blue, bold italics) or are they distracting? Do I post enough pictures to keep your interest? Do I post the same picture too often – I only have a few pictures of some of the characters. Are the paragraphs too long – Grandpa did tend to write on and on without a sentence break !

Please let me know.

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Zero To Hero – Simply The Best

Simply The Best

I do quite a bit of thinking, mainly because I live alone and don’t have anyone to talk to on a daily basis. The place I do my BEST thinking is in the car while driving to a destination at least an hour away. I think about my blogs, my family stories and where I want to go with them, I think (or daydream) about what I would like my life to be – and where I’d like to live – in five years. I think a lot about who I’d like to be living with at that time. (Lots of candidates – non available right now).

I also think about TV shows I watch (Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol – what does that say about me???)I think about interesting buildings I see and what I would do with them if they were mine: how I would landscape the yard, what color for the building and what color for the trim, would I add a deck?, a pool?

I think about my dream house on a medium-sized lake in New Hampshire. It would be an old farmhouse, with at least four guest rooms upstairs, a master bedroom suite on the first floor, an office, a large eat-in kitchen but also a dining room. It would not be too far from the water, definitely a view with mountains in the background and a large sandy beach. A dock large enough for two boats and one side for the grand kids to jump in.

I could probably go on and on about all the things that I think about but I’ve given you the idea. I enjoy thinking… a lot !!!

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Zero To Hero – Roy G. Biv

Memories of Mom

Blog - Zero To Hero - Memories of Mom

I was in a funk. Even wearing my favorite indigo cashmere sweater didn’t raise my spirits. The scent of violet flowers from my Mother’s sachet in her bedroom just reminded me of her. It had only been a week and everything, just everything brought back the pain of her passing, The sun shining bright yellow in the sky only reminded me of how much she loved to sit by the clear blue water by their pool in her dark green chaise lounge and read for hours. She’d be wearing her favorite red bathing suit and her red, straw sun hat. I finally decided the only thing to do was to take a short trip to the local florist and buy the brightest orange flowers they had, sit down in her bedroom and read the book she never finished. If the tears came, I would just let them wash all the pain from my heart and spend the day with memories of Mom.

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Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv