Zero To Hero – Community Pool – Re-post

I have been posting on this blog  (  ) for 15 months. I have learned quite a bit but I know that there is so much more to learn about blogging, especially about the appearance of my blog. Please critique my posts and let me know what is good and especially, what is bad (or uninteresting). I think the story needs to be told, but are the various story lines confusing? Can you keep track of the characters or do you meed more visuals to keep them straight? Do you like my comments (in blue, bold italics) or are they distracting? Do I post enough pictures to keep your interest? Do I post the same picture too often – I only have a few pictures of some of the characters. Are the paragraphs too long – Grandpa did tend to write on and on without a sentence break !

Please let me know.

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Community Pool